2017 Beginners Powerlifting Seminar / AAPF Nationals Qualifier REGISTRATION

2017 APF/AAPF Beginners Powerlifting Seminar

& AAPF Nationals Qualifier

 Saturday March 18, 2017 @ 2XL Powerlifting in Lombard, IL

2XL will be hosting two events in one day on March 18.  First, for new lifters, 2XL will be hosting the Beginners Powerlifting Seminar.  This will be an APF/AAPF sanctioned powerlifting event for first-time lifters to complete their first contest in an instructive and more informal environment.  2XL Powerlifting staff will take new lifters through everything they need to know to compete in their first powerlifting meet–including the rules and structure of the meet, but also tips on how to warm-up and pick attempts among other items.  Additionally, because it is an APF/AAPF sanctioned event, lifters can use this event to qualify for APF and AAPF Nationals events, as well as being able to set APF and AAPF State and National Records.  For more experienced lifters, 2XL will be hosting an AAPF Nationals Qualifier.  This will be a “bare bones” qualifier with no awards–it is merely a sanctioned AAPF contest for the purpose of posting an AAPF total (or lift) for AAPF Nationals.  Each event is limited to the first 15 lifters.

Instructions for Online Registration:

  • Go to the link below, and click “SIGN UP” below either a) the Beginners Powerlifting Seminar or b) the AAPF Nationals Qualifier.
  • If you have not used our system before, you will need to create an account.
    • MAKE SURE to check to Join our mailing list when you create your account as otherwise you will not receive the confirmation email described below (Don’t worry, we will not send you lots of spam emails–you can opt out of our Constant Contact list later if you choose).
  • After creating an account, select the package that best represents what you would like to enter at the following link:
  • After submitting payment, you should receive an email confirmation–that email will include a link to submit additional registration information.
  • If you do not recieve that email, first try checking your junk mail–if you still do not receive it, email Eric Stone and he can resend the link.


  1. Eric: I signed up for your 3.18.17 Beginners Meet. Looking forward to it!
    Thanks, John
    PS: Are the results posted for the December meet?

  2. Jose Avila Acevedo

    I want to compete.. I’m a beginner and I need guidance on when where and how to sing up

    • Hi Jose–I will send you an email. At this point, the event is full, but we can add you to a waiting list if you would like.

  3. I would love to be put on the waiting list if the event is full.

  4. With the event already being full will you be hosting another beginners seminar later in the fall?

  5. How many people are on the waiting list? I’m interested in the event!

  6. Can I be put on the waiting list as well? I have done one meet before but never did a beginner’s seminar so I think it would be very useful. Thanks

  7. FYI to all–due to the large demand, we decided to increase the cap and allow a few more lifters into the event. We will have to change the start time of the lecture portion in the morning ti 8a.m., however. You should be able to register at the link above.

  8. Hi! I sent an email to the address above. I’m hoping there’s still room- I’d really love to register.

  9. Is this event good for first time female lifters as well?

  10. Eric: Good morning! Could you confirm that I am signed up for the March 18th event? Just want to make sure that I did not screw up the sign up? Thanks in advance, John B.

  11. Is the seminar closed?

  12. So is this seminar just to explain the basic setup of the competition
    Or the basics of the lift?

    • It is both a seminar and a competition. We go through the rules/structure of a meet as well as having each lifter take 3 attempts.

  13. Eric: Good morning! I may have a few people come watch me lift on Saturday. Do you have any idea when I might be deadlifting? Even a range of 2 hours would be great. Thanks and looking forward to this! John

  14. Do you have to compete in the qualifier to compete in national

  15. Please include me on your mailing list. I would like to know if there are any beginner instruction meetings for the fall of 2017.

    Thank you.

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