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IL State Record Claim Application

APF/AAPF American Records and WPC/AWPC World Records

Per a 9/29/06 Ruling by the APF Illinois Executive Commitee, the following criteria must be met in order to break an APF/AAPF Illinois State Record:

– Record must be set by a current Illinois resident

– Lifters still must exceed the current record by at least 2.5 kg, and still must fill out the proper paperwork to be turned into Eric Stone

– Record must be broken at an APF-sanctioned meet held in Illinois
–> The APF IL State Meet is not be the exclusive meet for record breaking purposes – other Illinois meets are allowed
–> Lifters will not be able to break records at meets held outside of Illinois, including National or World meets held outside Illinois
–> The State Chairman’s presence at a meet has no impact on whether State Records can be set

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