Registration for Summer Bash “14”

The 14th Annual Chicago Summer Bash

July 29-30, 2017 at Rich East High School in Park Forest, IL


More Information on Summer Bash 14

The biggest meet of the summer is back!  The 14th Annual APF/AAPF Chicago Summer Bash is scheduled for July 29-30 at Rich East High School in Park Forest, IL (same location as the past few years).  Below are instructions for registration.  Note that here is the schedule for the two days:

  • Saturday July 29 – All Bench only Lifters
  • Saturday July 29 – Male Powerlifters Open / Master / Submaster
  • Sunday July 30 – Male Powerlifters Teen / Junior, All Female Powerlifters

Note the cap for this year is 200 lifters.  We are allowing 30 bench only lifters, and 85 full powerlifters both Saturday and Sunday.  Here are the instructions for registration:

Instructions for Online Registration:

  • Go to the link below, and click “SIGN UP” below the APF/AAPF Chicago Summer Bash “14” and select to “SIGN UP” on the correct Enrollment–We have separate sign-ups for Saturday Bench only, Saturday Full Power, and Sunday Full Power.  You will need to make sure to select the correct page.
  • If you have not used our system before, you will need to create an account.
    • You will need to select to Opt-in to “Join our mailing list” when you create your account as otherwise you will not receive the confirmation email described below
      • (Don’t worry, we will not send you lots of spam emails–you can opt out of our Constant Contact list later if you choose).
    • Online Payment Link

  • After submitting payment, you should receive an email confirmation–that email will include a link to submit your entry information (i.e. event, division, wt. class, etc.).
  • If you do not recieve that email, first try checking your junk mail–if you still do not receive it,  email Eric Stone and he can resend the link.
  • If for some reason after the fact you realize you signed up in the incorrect enrollment (i.e. you accidentally paid for Sunday and are supposed to lift Saturday), email Eric Stone and he can correct it.  We are using these separate enrollments to track the caps for each day, so it is important you select the correct on.

Having trouble?  Try watching the tutorial video below:


  1. Vincent Giammona

    This is my first ever powerlifting event! I am 23 yrs old and weigh 230 lbs. i want to compete on Saturday in the Open division at the 198 weight class. Do I just purchase the package and then depending on my weigh in on Friday does that determine the class I’m in?


    • If you weight 230, you would likely be in the 242 class. After purchasing your package, you’ll be sent an email to fill in your wt. class, division, etc.

  2. Freddy L Crosby

    Good evening Eric, i’m a little confused about what a crossover is. Can you please clarify with an example thanks

    • Crossover means you are entered into more than one division or event–i.e. entered into APF and AAPF, or Open and Masters.

  3. Is it free to come and watch?

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